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This window is used for setting up - and changing your company information in LocPlus. Features of LocPlus use your company name, phone number, web site, etc. stored in this location for sending quotes, printing reports, building websites, and other operations.

If you change any of this information, those other functions may not have to be changed. This simplifies these type of changes that occur from time to time. New customers should make sure that this information is correct so that material created by LocPlus MLS is correct.

Note: Sometimes customers have 'customizations' done by Koala Software. Although we try to use the system setups whenever possible, it is possible that some inforamtion may have to be 'hard coded' and therefore require custom adjustment by Koala Software. Please contact Koala Software if you have any problems with changing information on one of your documents.


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An important and useful tool. Make sure you setup information correctly or your company will not be represented correctly!