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This window is used for setting up - and changing a variety of miscellaneous features in LocPlus. You can change the way LocPlus MLS operates by changing these options.

You must SAVE and EXIT LocPlus for these options to be fully implemented. Please do this immediately after changing to avoid confusion.


LocPlus Title Bar:
This will be displayed in the LocPlus Title Bar (along with the version number). Can be useful if you run multiple copies of LocPlus so you can quickly distinguish between copies running.

Phone number format:
LocPlus only attempts to format phone numbers when they are entered. Leave this blank if you don't want any formating of phone numbers. Standard U.S. phone numbers (10 digits) will be formated with the templated entered here. Use 10 # symbols. The digits will be placed in the position of the # symbols in your template. Other character will be fixed in the display. (NOTE: Phone number searches are performed same regardless of formatting) Phone numbers that do not have 10 digits (foriegn) will not be formatted.

When exiting window == Ask before saving changed data:
If not checked, changed data will AUTOMATICALLY be saved when closing a window. If checked, you will BE ASKED before saving information. If LocPlus is sure no data has changed, data will not be saved and you will not be asked.

QUOTE QUEUE == Clear quote queue when creating quote:
This checkbox only affects quotes created through the quote queue. Many LocPlus users don't use the quote queue. If this is checked, the quote queue will be AUTOMATICALLY cleared when the quote is created. If not checked, the quote queue will remain intact. When quoting a set of equipment to a single customer it saves a step to have the quote queue cleared automatically. If you have a set of equipment that you want to quote to MANY customers, it is more convinient to leave the queue intact so you don't have to find the machines for every single customer.

If checked, a Wanted Equipment Request will be AUTOMATICALLY created everytime you quote a machine. The wanted equipment request will be created for the manufacturer, UED, equipment classification, and description of the machine actually quoted. The detailed description will indicate that the wanted request was automatically created.

These are the locations of where LocPlus MLS will look for files. Use care with any changes. It is strongly recommended that you leave the Picture Folder as '.\PICTURES\' to keep pictures with LocPlus. (See MLS Tutorial: Add Equipment and Photos) The WinFax folder is used to export WinFax customer file phonebooks to WinFax. Other exports go to the default export folder.

The numbers that will be assigned to the next invoices and purchase orders.

LocPlus has a History menu. This menu will contain the last few customers, machines, and quotes that you created or changed. LocPlus will try to keep this number of changes, but LocPlus will also be limited to space available in your window (which varies by computer).

The P.O., Invoices, etc. print from form templates. This is the name of the form template. Technical users (or Koala Software) may modify these templates using FoxPro utility report generator. If you customize these forms, you can put the new form name here. (Forms are stored in \LOCPLUS\RPT_2000\ folder).

BUTTON: Update:
Press this button to save your changes.

BUTTON: Reset:
Restore previous settings.

Exit this window. Information will NOT be automatically saved (but you will be asked if you have made changes).