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This window is displayed before either of the two events:
1. You sending machines to EquipmentMLS.
2. You build your web site.

If you are sending machines to EquipmentMLS, you only need to press the 'SEND MACHINES' button and the information will be sent.

If you are building a web site, read on:

First, some information on what happens when you build a web site. When you build a web site, information from LocatorPlus System will be organized into web pages. The web pages will be prepared using the templates you setup in the TOOLS / SETUP INFORMATION / SYSTEM WEBSITE SETUP INFORMATION.

Your web pages will first be constructed on your local computer. They will be placed in a folder. The folder is indicated in the field 'Website folder:' shown in this window. You may change the computer folder where your web site will be built. Koala Software suggest that you use the folder '.\WebSite\'. The '.\' indicates that your computer will look for the folder 'WebSite' relative to the folder where your LocatorPlus system is installed (and run from). If you specify another folder, make sure it is a valid folder.

After you web pages are built on your computer, it may be optionally transfered to your web site. LocatorPlus will not attempt to transfer your web pages unless you check the box 'FTP Pages to Web Site'. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THIS BOX EVERY TIME!

In order to transfer pages to your web site, you must also tell LocatorPlus how to login to your web site. Your web site should have FTP access and you need to know the FTP server name, your account name, and your password.

Typical information might be:
FTP Server: FTP User Name: koalasoftware FTP Password: swordfish FTP Folder: /

Changes to your account information will be saved if you check the 'FTP Pages to Web Site' box.

It is possible to have sold machines marked so that they appear on your web site. Most dealers don't want that. If you have any sold machines that are also marked to be on your web site, there will be a button that says something like 'There are 3 sold machines marked. Remove sold machines >>'. If you don't want any of these machines on your web site, then press that button. If you want to see which web site machines are marked sold, press the button 'View >>'.


Website folder:
Use '.\WebSite\'.

FTP Pages to Web Site:

FTP Server:
Name of your web site's FTP server.

FTP User Name:
Your user name for above account.

FTP Password:
Password for your user account above.

FTP folder:
Use '/' unless you need to move to a subfolder on your site. This indicates the root folder.

Passive mode(check unless advised by Koala Software):
Leave checked. (Unless advised).


This number of machines to be transfered is shown at the bottom of the window. It should say for example - 127 machines to go!