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This shows all of the emails in your outbox. LocPlus keeps separate outboxes for each user. The outbox is only supported with SMTP mail. If you are using MAPI mail, this outbox is not used and not supported. You can see if the email for your user is setup for SMTP by selecting TOOLS / USER SETUP (EMAIL) from the LocPlus menu bar.

Emails in the outbox are displayed in the grid. You can view (but not change) emails by double-clicking on any email. Below are explainations of some of the features on this window.


This shows the email address that will show up on your emails return address. This must be changed with the USER SETUP (EMAIL) option.

Qty. Outbox:
Number of emails waiting to be sent. This includes emails that have previously generated errors and were not sent.

This will only be marked if an email was unable to be sent. Check the 'Error Message'.

Email address of that email's reciepient.

COLUMN: Subject:
The subject of the email.

COLUMN: Error message:
After sending, no emails should remain on the list. Review the error message in this column for emails not able to be sent.

BUTTON: Delete all:
All emails in your outbox can be removed by pressing this button. You will be warned. Use caution as the emails are not recoverable. Particularly useful if you bulk mailed an email with the wrong message.

BUTTON: Cancel:
Press this button to exit without sending any emails.

Press this button when you want to send all of the emails in your outbox.


If you want to delete an individual email message, right-click on that message and then confirm.