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You can lookup quotes several ways.

1. If you want to look at quotes for a machine don't use this feature. You should instead find the machine and go to the CUSTOMERS QUOTED tab. See the help section on MLS Help: VIEW_AVAIL - Equipment Information Window.

2. If you want to find a quote you sent to a customer don't use this feature. Instead find the customer and go to the OWNED / QUOTES / WANTED / ARCHIVE tab. See the help section on MLS Help: VIEW_CUSTOMER - Customer Information Window.

3. If you want to find a quote by the date it was sent out, this is the right place! You can select a starting date and ending date and all of the quotes within that range will be displayed.


Date range tab (tan section):

Starting Date:
Select a date. The date must be highlighted. You may advance to the previous (or next) month by clicking on the days shown for the other months. These are displayed in light grey and only the last week (or first week for next month) are shown. You can also change the month by selecting the month pull-down in the upper-right corner of the calendar. Note that you have to not only change to a month, but select a date. Just changing the displayed month does not change the starting date of the search. Select a date by clicking on the date on the calendar..

End date:
Works the same as starting date described above; except it selects the ending date for the search.

BUTTON: 'Search Now':
After making your selections discussed above, you initiate a search by pressing this button. Quotes between the start and end dates will be displayed in date order. Double-clicking on any of the quotes to see detail.

BUTTON: 'Done':
Pressing 'Done' will pull up the quote highlighted in the list at the bottom of window. You may double-click on the line or click once and then press the 'Done' button.

BUTTON: 'Cancel':
Exits and closes window with no further action.

BUTTON: 'Print Report':
Displays a list of reports available. Reports will include only the customer results from your query. Only the customers in the list at the bottom of this window will be included, even if the query is limited by number of number of records searched.

BUTTON: 'New Quote':
Quotes current customer the last machine you looked at.

Search options TAB:

You may set the Maximum number of records. Do not set this too high as it will reduce performance.

Changing these options will only be temporary unless you also press the button labeled 'Update default options for XXXX only'. (Your search from ownership options will be saved also.)