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Finding wanted equipment works similarly to finding available equipment. Machine requests are frequently searched by equipment classification. The equipment classification search can be powerful because you can filter (or limit searches) by the size or capacity of the equipment or by the type of customer making the request (i.e. dealer or end user)

Requests can be located by Manufacturer (if applicable) or UED code.


By Classification tab (tan section):

Select a LocPlus equipment classifications. All machine requests are assigned to an equipment classification. Each equipment classification may be further divided into sub-classifications. Search on this tab section select only wanted requests assigned to the classification selected. More information about equipment classifications is available in the help section on maintaining equipment classes.

If the equipment classification selected has further sub-classifications, only those ones will be displayed in this list. If you do not select any sub-classification, then equipment will be selected without regard to the sub-classification assigned. If a sub-classification is selected, then only equipment with that sub-classification will be selected.

Clear size limits (Button):
Pressing this button will clear any price or size limits that may have been previously entered in the fields below the button. Each classification may be assigned up to eight size parameters. For a stamping press those fields might be tonnage, stroke, bed width, and bed depth where for a slitter the parameters might be width, thickness, and number of heads. Some classifications might not have any size classifications.

Minimum and Maximum (Price: and other size fields):
Above it is described how each classification can be assigned size parameters. These size parameters will be listed below the 'Price:' field. A minimum and/or maximum size may be entered for one, some, or all of the size parameters. Only equipment that meets all of the specifications will be displayed.

For example, if you were searching for a stamping press and the size parameters were tonnage and stroke, then you could enter 100 for the minimum tonnage, 200 for the maximum tonnage, 5 for the minimum stroke, 8 for the maximum stroke, and finnally 150,000 for the maximum price. Stamping presses would have to meet all of the criteria to be included in the resulting list of equipment. The search is inclusive. (i.e. if a minimum tonnage is 100 then a 100 ton press would qualify)

Order by:
The resulting list of equipment can be put in many different orders. If you want to change the order, use this pull-down.

Search from:
Every piece of equipment has an owner. Each owner has an 'Owner type'. The owner types are 'End User', 'Inventory', 'Dealer', and 'Personal'. If none of the checkboxes under 'Search from:' is checked, or if all of the checkboxes are selected, then all equipment will be displayed (assuming it meets all other qualifications of course). If only some of the boxes are checked, then only equipment owned by the corresponding types will be included in the equipment search. For example, if only the inventory box is checked, then only equipment owned by a company designated with an owner type 'Inventory' will be displayed. In addition to these owner types, there is also a check box for 'Sold'. Normally only unsold equipment is displayed. If this box is check, then sold equipment will be included in the search results.

BUTTON: 'Search Now':
After making all of the selections discussed above, you initiate a search throught the equipment file for matches by pressing this button. Matching equipment will be displayed in a list on the bottom portion of the window. Double-clicking on any of the equipment listed will display that equipment record.

BUTTON: 'Done':
Pressing 'Done' will pull up the equipment record for the piece that is highlighted in the list at the bottom of window. You may double-click on the line or select the equipment by clicking once and then press the 'Done' button.

BUTTON: 'Cancel':
Exits and closes window with no further action.

BUTTON: 'Print Report':
Displays a list of reports available. Reports will include only the customer results from your query. Only the customers in the list at the bottom of this window will be included, even if the query is limited by number of number of records searched.

BUTTON: 'New inventory':
Opens up the equipment window in Add mode. The new item will be assigned to your inventory. If it is another dealers or end users piece, you may change the owner during the add function.

By Ref code / UED / Mfg tab (tan section):

Under this tab you can select equipment by one of these parameters or all three. For example, if you enter in both a UED code and a Manufacturer, then when you press the 'Search Now' button, the equipment meet both criteria will be displayed. The ownership requirements displayed under the 'Search from:' heading are also used during the search. See the explainations above for theses fields as they are the same on the 'By Classification' tab.

Reference code:
Partial reference codes may be entered for searches. For example, if you enter in reference code '1001', when you press the 'Search Now' button, reference codes '100100', '100101', '100102', '100103', '100104', etc….. are matches.

If you select a manufacturer with this pulldown only equipment for that manufacture will be included in the search results.

If you select a UED code with this pulldown only equipment assigned to that UED code will be included in the search results.

By Description tab (tan section):

Under this tab you can select equipment by searching the equipment description by up to three embedded 'phrases'. Equipment that has at least one of these 'phrases' in it's description will be included in the search results. There are three descriptions for equipment. You may have it check all three descriptions or just some of them.

Check short descriptions:
If this box is checked, then the advertising description will be checked for the search phrases.

Check detailed description:
If this box is checked, then the detailed equipment description will be checked for the search phrases.

Search phrases:
You can enter up to three 'Search phrases'. Only one need to be in an equipment file for that item to be a match.

Search options TAB:

You may set the Maximum number of records. Do not set this too high as it will reduce performance. You may also have LocPlus MLS automatically perform a search when the classification is changed by checking the box labeled 'Search Immediately after changing class'.

Changing these options will only be temporary unless you also press the button labeled 'Update default options for XXXX only'. (Your search from ownership options will be saved also.)

Equipment Details TAB:

Tnis tab does not perform a search. This tab shows shows some of the information for the equipment selected. After equipment is selected it will be displayed in a list in the bottom half of the window. If one item in that equipment list is highlighted, then other fields will be displayed here.


A powerful tool if you know how to use it.