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Like the customer report definition window, this feature is used to define not just equipment reports, but other operations you can do with a group or list of machines. This functions much like the customer definitions, the selection criteria are described in some detail in this window, and soon we will publish more explainations here.....

The current operations supported are as follows:

  1. Print Report
  2. Browse Data
  3. Export data to other software
  4. Edit equipment


The opening view shows what customer operations you have already defined. They are displayed on the left side of the window. Highlight one of the operations. A short description of that operation is shown on the right half of the window. You may change the 'Short id' and the 'Description'. There are two buttons at the bottom of the opening view labeled 'DEFINE >>' and 'RUN >>'. They are used to change your definintion of this operation and to run the operation respectively. There are also buttons to add new customer operations, delete operations, and save or reset your work.

We are going to divide the remaining discussion into two parts 'DEFINE THE REPORT' and 'RUN THE REPORT'.


The following shows each tab with a discussion of the selection options and how you would use them.


Ownership/Status tab (tan section):

There are a variety of fields to help you select machines based upon ownership. There are also field to help select sold machines or items marked for your website.

Equipment classifications tab (tan section):

This section is for selecting machines based upon your equipment classifications.

Equipment codes tab (tan section):

Most LocPlus customers use equipment codes only seldomly. If you have used equipment codes to identify lists of machines, you can select them for reports on this tab section.

Other limits tab (tan section):

Machines can be selected by a variety of the following criteria:

Reference codes:

Search phrase #1 - #3:
If you enter something in these fields, only machines with that information in the 'Detailed Description' (specifications) field will be included.

Output type tab (tan section):

This section defines what to do with the selected customers. See the information for the fields on this tab:

Output type:
Chose an option of what you want to do with the group of customers selected. Current options are:

  • Print Report/Label
  • Browse Data
  • Export data to other software
  • Edit equipment

Report output order:
Select an order for the machines selected. This is used for all 'Output types', not just reports.

Report: (only available for REPORT Output type)
Select one of the available report formats.


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