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User Setup allows you to enter salespeople or other people who will be using LocPlus MLS. You may also want to setup people who will be responsible for customers, equipment, quotes, or who will make notes to any of these files. If you use the job costing feature, each person who will have time (and therefore costs) assigned to equipment should be entered. You may also enter fictitious login names like "SUPER" for a person when they are responsible for maintaining the system.

Different users may be assigned different security levels. Users who do not have a sufficient security level are restricted from certain functions. See these restrictions at the end of this document.


LocPlus MLS user code:
A six character code used to identify each person or system user. The code is entered when starting LocPlus MLS. The code is also used to identify the responsible party for a customer, equipment, wanted equipment request, quote, or follow-up.

First name:
The first name of the person. The name may printed on some documents like the quotes or invoice.

Last name:
The last name of the person.

The person's title may show up with the persons name on some documents like the quote.

The hourly rate for this person's labor. Used for billing employee time to equipment in the cost accounting.

The password required when this user starts LocPlus MLS.

Security Level:
There are three assigned security levels. Each person is assigned a security level in each category. A person can only perform tasks if they have a security level greater than the level required for that task. See the section SECURITY LEVEL REQUIREMENTS below for a list of restricted tasks.

For a persons name to be assigned to anything, this box must be checked. If a person is no longer active, don't delete that person, just make their name inactive.

BUTTON: 'Update':
Press this button to save your changes.

BUTTON: 'New':
Press this button if you want to add a new person to the database.

BUTTON: 'Delete':
Press this to remove the record.

BUTTON: 'Reset':
If you want to restore information to what it was before your recent changes, press this button.

BUTTON: 'Done':
This will exit the program. If you have unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save before exiting.


These numbers represent the tasks that a person is allowed to perform. For example, if a task requires a OPERATION security level of 50, then if a user has a level of less than 50 they cannot perform that function.

Operation Level Required for following:

20  Modify customers*

40  Delete quotes*
Modify wanted items*

60  Modify inventory and other available items*

80  Delete inventory and other available items*
Delete wanted items*

90  Delete customers*

95  Delete invoices*

System Maintenance Level:

10  Modify system information*
Maintain form letters*

30  Maintain equipment classifications*
Maintain Customer/SIC codes*

50  Rebuild data indexes*
Rebuild name indexes*
Remove Bad Email Addresses

60  Setup data files*
Restructure data files*
Update system and report file*

96  To change General Ledger transaction status to Posted or Not Posted*

99  Modify salesperson data*

Reporting Level:

50  Run customer reports and equipment reports*

90  Export customer mailing lists or equipment lists*


A powerful tool if you know how to use it.