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Equipment Classifications can be divided into many Sub-Classifications. For example, the are many types of stamping presses. If you only sell presses occasionally, it may not be necessary to organize your equipment in many classifications. If you list many presses, you will want to keep your presses organized into more groups (like: Blanking press, Hydraulic Press, Knuckle Joint Press). Sub-Classifications are what LocPlus uses to organize these groups.


The name of you group. This name will usually be used in LocPlus. If there isn't a 'Description' it will also be used on a web site.

Name of sub-classification for your web site.

Select the UED code that characterizes this type of equipment. If there are multiple UED codes, select the UED code you expect most frequently will be used. This UED code will be the default UED code when machines are entered into this catagory. You will be able to change UED code for these other situations.

CHECKBOX: Create web index page for sub-class:
When creating your web site, Class pages are always created. Pages for sub-classifications are optional. If you want a separate page for this sub-class, check the box. Separate pages are very useful for highly populated classes. So you may want to check these boxes for some of you most popular equipment catagories. However, if you create separate web pages for machine classes with only a few machines, the lists of equipment classes on your web site will be long.

New Equipment Default description:
When you add a new machine to this catagory, this template will be used as the default 'Detailed Description' (or specifications) Using a template can reduce data entry time for new machines.

View Larger:
Pressing this button will display a larger version of the default description. It is easier to edit with this larger display.


Sub-classes are more important for your most popular (an populus) classes!