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You can select which machines you want to send to the advertiser you selected.

This feature is supported for several (but not all) advertisers. You should have already selected the advertiser.


This box should be checked for each piece of equipment that you want sent to this advertiser. Some boxes may be prechecked if LocPlus keeps track of which items you are advertising for them. The number selected will be displayed above (and on the right side of) the grid.

Ref code:
Your reference code for the equipment.

Surp Rec # (or other column name):
This is the machine id code used by the advertiser. You may have to enter this number the first time you sent the machine to the advertiser.

Advertising description:
Machine description that will be sent to the advertiser. You cannot change from here.

Warning errors:
For some advertisers, LocPlus will display warning errors for items that you attempt to send. Those advertisers may require a UED code or some other field. Review this column because the item you select may not be sent if it generates a serious error.

BUTTON: 'Cancel':
Press this button to exit without taking any action.

BUTTON: 'Send':
Press this button after you have selected your machines and want to initiate the sending of the information.


Make sure you have contacted the advertiser to know that they expect your information. Verify the results with advertiser!!!