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These are features to help you maintain the data in your system. These are all administrative procedures and should not be done in ordinary day-to-day system use.

Because these procedures can be potentially destructive if an error occurs during the procedure, you should take extra precaution to make sure you have a reliable and safe backup before running any of the procdures listed here.


Create Setup Data Files:
Should be run after every update from Koala Software. It does setup for new file structures in case any new data fields have been added to software.

Restructure Data:
Reorganizes your data files. New fields are allocated. Unused and deleted information is purged. All index files are rebuilt. This procedure is potentially dangerous because if an error is encountered, your data may be lost and unrecoverable. (So make sure you have adequate backups before running) Since your data files are completely rebuild, this procedure can help recover if you have had any corruption or other damage to your data.

Update System and Report File:
Inserts new system field features and reports to your system that have been added by Koala Software. Should be run after every update.

Remove Bad Email Addresses:
This procedure allows you to remove the email addresses of customers from returned emails. If you get a single returned email, it is most efficent to lookup a customer by the email address and just clear the email field. If you send out 1,000 emails and have 50 returned messages, you may find this procedure faster.

Data cleanup:
This procedure finds any data problems, like a machine in your system without an owner or a quote where the customer has been deleted. These problems will be identified and corrected.