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LocPlus MLS can send information to your own web site or to third-party equipment advertising sites. This option is used for sending your equipment listings to the following sites. (As of December 2003)

  • Your own web site
  • EquipmentMLS
  • MDNA web site
  • Machinery Exchange
  • Used Equipment Directory
  • Surplus Record

The amount of support varies for each site and depends upon the support that those organizations provide to Koala Software.


Your own web site:
LocPlus can write out web pages based upon standard web site templates provided to you. You may develop your own web site page templates too. When you run this option, your web pages will be written first on your own system where you can review them before uploading them to your web site.

There are more instructions on setting up and running this option.

Your equipment data, for all equipment that you have set up to publish to your own web site, will be sent to Koala Software for inclusion in the EquipmentMLS directory.

Surplus Record:
Emails the specifications and pictures only. The specifications and pictures are sent as attachments. The equipment has to be setup in Surplus Record manually first. Call Koala Software if Surplus Record wants to try to improve this as they were originally unwilling to.

Description gets the name srcodeid.txt and picture name (1 picture only - Sends LocPlus featured picture ONLY) srcodeid.jpg. (srcodeid is the S.R. code for the machine) The email address and message are system control file items.

UED Directory:
Needs more work. Send equipment specifications and pictures only. They are put into ZIP file UEDN_TXT.ZIP and UEDN_JPG.ZIP. These two files are emailed. The zip files consist of text and jpg files of selected equipment.


MDNA - Loc on Line website:
Creates ALL.TXT with one line per equipment item per MDNA specifications. Creates text files with names codeid.txt (with codeid being equipment code) for detailed specifications. The featured pictures are also created with file name codeid.jpg. These files are put in MDNA folder of LOCPLUS folder, you have to submit them to MDNA on your own.

Not tested well. Contact Koala Software if they are willing to cooperate on providing information in a more automated way.

Machinery Exchange:
Not used much. Creates a text file ALL.TXT per Machinery Exchange specifications and emails to them. The specifications are included in the ALL.TXT file but they were not yet ready for pictures yet.

LocPlus puts the pictures for selected machines in the MEXCHANGE sub-folder of the LocPlus folder.
Put data without specifications and without pictures into a file (ALL.TXT in the MACHINETOOL folder of LocPlus folder). You have to manually email this file to MachineTools. At present they have not provided instructions for supplying complete information or a standard email address to submit information. Call Koala Software if they wants to try to improve this as they do not want to at this time.