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These features help you maintain the data in your system. These are all administrative procedures. Setting up many of these files is important and should be done with care as it will affect the way LocPlus basic functions operate.


Customer / Equipment Codes:
This includes SIC codes and any other codes you may use to identify groups of customers or equipment. This procedure is used to add/edit/delete these codes.

Customers can be identified by country. LocPlus uses a pulldown to identify country to reduce the problem of spelling or other data entry errors.

Form Letters:
Used to setup/edit/delete form letters that can be sent to customers.

Equipment Classifications:
All machines you enter in the system MUST be assigned a classification. You may add/edit/delete these classifications and the way they are presented with this feature.

UED Equipment Codes:
Machines MAY BE assigned a standardized UED code. Although LocPlus comes with the standard set of codes, you can make changes to this list.

Equipment Manufacturers:
Machines in LocPlus MAY BE assigned a manufacturer. Machine manufacturers are selected from a list to reduce data entry inconsistencies. You may use this procedure to add/edit/delete Manufacturers.

System information:
There are five system information buttons. The features are grouped by functions 'Company information', 'Miscellaneous', 'Quote', and 'Website'. In addition, there is an option for other lesser used system features.

LocPlus has a broad array of options. The system files are ways that you can specify how you would like LocPlus to run. Examples range from ones as simple as telling LocPlus the name of your company is deciding if or how you want prices to be displayed on your website. Although many of the features are quite simple, some features (particularly involving quoting and websites) are advanced and are best used with assistence from someone technical.

LocPlus User Setup:
Use for setting up new employees or others to use the LocPlus System.

Verify equipment classes and UED codes:
This feature not only checks to see if any machines in your system are not assigned an equipment classification or a UED code, but puts them in a queue to be verified. Every machine should have an equipment classification, or it will not show up properly. Koala Software recommends that you assign UED codes to machines because it is important for equipment advertising.