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For many LocPlus functions, there are large text fields like equipment descriptions, form letters, or web page templates. If you are viewing or changing such a document, it can be easier to do your work with a dedicated document window. This document edit window is designed to facilitate such work.

Many different types of information might be edited in this window. You can use editing features like cutting and pasting in this window. If you are editing HTML, there is a new feature which lets you quickly view the results of your work in a browser.

You can maximize the size of this window for increased working space.



View in browser:
This button will only be active if you are editing an HTML document. (Indicated by the tag) If you are working with an HTML document, selecting this button will open your document in your browser so you can see how your document looks. Obviously, substitutions for 'substitution variables' are not made.

You will exit without saving your work.

Pressing this button will exit with your changes intact. It depends on the field your are editing, but this DOES NOT ensure that your information will be saved permanently. Normally, changes will be saved after pressing an additional 'Update' button or otherwise indicating you want to save your changes.