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This window is for preparing equipment quotations to customers. The customer and equipment for a new quote depends upon how the quote is added.

Some ways to add a new quote:

Select FILE / NEW from menu bar:
(and then press the 'Quote' button) A quote will be created for the last customer viewed and the last equipment viewed.

Pressing the 'NEW' button on the 'Customers quoted' tab of 'Equipment information' window:
A quote will be created for the equipment you were looking at for the last customer viewed.

Pressing the 'ADD QUOTE' button on the 'OWNED / QUOTES / WANTED / ARCHIVE' tab of the 'Customer information' window:
(Note: if previous quotes have been prepared for that customer, you have to go to the 'Equipment quote' window first to find the 'NEW QUOTE' button) A quote will be created for the customer you were looking at for the last equipment viewed.

When a quote is prepared, it will initially be set with default information for who the quote is from, equipment price, terms, and style. You may change these. The quote may then be viewed on your computer, printed, faxed, or emailed directly to the customer.


Top section (in yellow):

Quoted from:
Initially this is set to the person logged into the computer, you may change this with the pulldown if you are preparing a quote for someone else. This name usually is displayed on the quote.

Quote Date:
This will default to today. Quotes are usually dated, so if you want another day to be placed on the quote, change this field.

This section displays the customer being quoted. The company name, phone, and fax are displayed only and cannot be changed. (The customer 'OWNER TYPE' is also displayed and cannot be changed) The customer contact person is displayed and may be changed to another contact person at that company with the pull-down. The email address is for that contact person.

If you want to view (and change) information for the customer, you can quickly access the customer record by double-clicking on the words 'Quote To:'.

Equipment to quote:
A list of the equipment included with this quote. It cannot be changed now that the quote has been created.

Machine Description tab (tan section):

This tab shows the machine specifications and can not be changed. (Call Koala Software if you would like to customize specifications by quote) The price, commission, and terms displayed are set to default values and can be modified. The default price is set to the selling price in the equipment record. Default Commission and Terms are set in the SYSTEM INFORMATION SETUP functions.

Quote info tab (tan section):

Quote Style:
Multiple quote formats may be setup on your system. This controls which output format is selected. The default format is set in the system control format.

There are many reasons for multiple quote formats. Some machinery dealers want quotes to go out under multiple company names. Depending on the delivery, different information has to be delivered; for example, if you are printing a quote on letterhead stationary no logo or dealer info needs to print, but if you are faxing directly, LocPlus must generate the 'letterhead' logo and dealer information. Email is also not limited to restrictions of hard copy print formatting and thus requires a different types of formatting.

Print contact name:
If checked the reciepient contact name will be printed on the quote otherwise it will not.

Print salesperson name:
If checked your salespersons name will be printed on the quote otherwise it will be omitted.

Fax #:
The fax number is pulled from the customer's information record, but you can change it here. If the quote is faxed, this is the number where it will be faxed.

Fax Later:
If this box is checked, the fax will be held to the off-hours fax time. (to save on phone costs)

Quote message:
Enter a message that will be included in the quote. You may change the message. (NOTE: Since quotes may be customized, the location of the message is determined by how your quote document was setup)

Notes/Picture tab (tan section):

This is intended to be internal notes that are not sent to the customer. They normally will not appear on the quotation or any other document. These notes are intended to be reminders as to discussions regarding the quotation. (NOTE: Quotes may be customized, and you MAY include this information on a quote document...although it is not recommended.)

You may change which pictures go with the quote by changing the checkboxes.

Machine Owner tab (tan section):

This tab shows information about the owner of the machine. This information can not be changed, it is for informational purposes only. You can quickly jump to the owner record by double-clicking on the words 'EQUIPMENT OWNER:'.


View your quote before sending it out to make sure it looks like you want it!

If you want to change the way your quotes are setup, go to TOOLS / SETUP / SYSTEM QUOTE INFORMATION from the menu bar. That is where you change the way quotes look.