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Koala Software has helped some dealers with web pages that customers can use to enter machines they have for sale. This window aids in processing those requests.

Before processing the requests, the emails generated from the customer should be placed in the web folder 'LOCPLUS\WEBLEADS'.

The suggested order of processing should be:

  1. Copy your emails into the web folder 'LOCPLUS\WEBLEADS'.
  2. Start the function by selecting 'TOOLS / XXX' from the LocPlus menu bar.
  3. Load the leads (By selecting the button in upper right hand corner.
  4. Verify customer is already in your system or review information and add customer.
  5. Verify contact person is already in your system or review information and add person.
  6. Verify that machine isn't already in your system, and add information if appropriate.
  7. Return confirmation email.
  8. Delete the request.


Customer tab:

Data fields:
These fields should be self explainatory, if you have any questions, you may find inforamtion on the fields in the customer entry window.

BUTTON: Find match>>:
Press button to see if you can find the customer in your system. Select a matching customer. If customer isn't in your system, press the 'Add customer' button.

BUTTON: Remove match>>:
If the matching customer is not the correct match, press this button to remove the link. You will then have to find the correct customer, or add the customer.

BUTTON: Add customer>>:
This button will add the customer into your database. To avoid duplicates try and find the customer first.

BUTTON: View customer>>:
Pressing this button will display the LocPlus customer window for your matching customer. Make sure you have a correct match before loading a contact name or machine. If you do not have a correct company, you will have trouble later finding the owner of the equipment.

Machine tab:

If the customer wants equipment of a specific manufacturer, set this field so that you will get better matches for equipment.

Detailed description:
This is a longer description of the request. This description may be of unlimmited length.

Specifications tab:

The full equipment specifications to be posted on web and printed on quotes.


Be careful to make sure data is entered properly.