What is Locplus MLS?

Used Machinery Software

LocPlus MLS is software for Machinery Dealers

Selling machinery is a competitive business. You need to identify prospective customers quickly and get them the information they want. Time is money. The customer is ready. Don't make them wait.

Our LocPlus MLS system does what you need! MLS stands for Marketing Locating System. The MLS system helps you market and locate equipment.

In order to be competitive you must be able to identify prospective customers quickly. If you don't locate prospective customer or equipment quickly, someone else will!

LocPlus MLS is fast because it uses state of the art technology ad adapts to the way you work. It's designed for the latest operating systems.

Information should be available at the touch of a button. It is with LocPlus MLS. You can see which customers were quoted a piece of equipment and what price they were quoted. You can see each cost associated with a piece of equipment. And get a current inventory valuation report in a few minutes. Get these features and more.

You can also set up LocPlus MLS to use your own documents, like quotes and reports. User defined classifications allow you to organize equipment look-ups. Your computer should operate the way you want to run your business, not the away your software company thinks you should operate.

Make your office more efficient, find out about LocPlus MLS. Your sales can increase and leave you with more time for other activities.

Contact Koala Software at the following:

Koala Software
P.O. Box 5261
Northville, MI 48167
Phone: (248) 374-0510
Email: matt@koalainc.com

These features and more are available with LocPlus MLS:

 Maintain customer information

 Track inventory, broker, and other dealer equipment

 Track inventory costs

 Print quotes on equipment

 Generate form letters

 Produce mailings by SIC or other user defined categories

 Flexible design for user customization of equipment categories and look-ups

 User defined quotes, letters, and emails

 User defined reports

 Multi-user over LAN

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