What does LocPlus MLS Do?

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What does LocPlus MLS Do?

LocPlus MLS Tracks Customers
Of course, LocPlus MLS keeps track of customers. An unlimited number of customers can be tracked, and within seconds, you can retrieve customer information including sales history, equipment requests, equipment owned, and quotes sent. Customer information can be accessed by Company name / City / State / Person's name / Telephone number / Quote / Wanted equipment inquiry / Available equipment.

And once you retrieve a customer, you can review a list of other employees of that company. You may review or modify SIC codes, user defined customer codes, or free form notes. A list of other equipment inquires, the companies other equipment for sale, as well as a record of quotes for that customer are also instantly available.

LocPlus MLS Tracks Inventory, Costs, and Other Equipment
You may think that you can remember all of the equipment that you have available, but why take a chance on losing a sale just because you couldn't find what the customer wanted. And how often do you not even try to quote equipment that you know is available because you can't keep track of it.

And how long does it take you to update your web site or advertisers? Equipment MLS is easy enough that you can update them in just minutes.

LocPlus MLS finds equipment fast! And once you find it all the details are there. You can see a detailed description of the equipment. Price, ownership, and costs are available. You can review the other outstanding quotes, pictures you have available, and even jump directly to your web site. Don't waste your time looking through files.

Lookups are fast and flexible! As fast as you can point and click. If the first piece of equipment isn't what the customer wanted, you can retrieve the next piece of equipment even faster!

LocPlus MLS Tracks Appointments

LocPlus MLS Prepares Quotes
Once you have selected the right piece of equipment and selected the customer, you want to send your customer a quote. You can print, fax, or email a quote with the date, description, price, salesperson, and pictures all preset. You may override pricing, add custom notes to your customer, and quote a dealer discount. And you can enter in reminder information so that you won't forget to follow-up with the customer later.

Follow-up is simple with this system. A follow-up date is automatically setup when the quote is prepared. MLS 2000 won't let you forget about your customer. You are reminded of your follow-ups daily. And when you do call the customer, you have access to the customer and machine information at your fingertips. And an updated quote can be printed in seconds.

LocPlus MLS Tracks Wanted Equipment
You may not have the right piece of equipment for a customer today, but why lose a sale when that equipment may be available tomorrow? LocPlus MLS keeps a record of wanted inquiries by equipment classification. This handy feature keeps track of customers needs so that you will not forget about a request, no matter how much time goes by!

LocPlus MLS Prints Reports
Yes, LocPlus MLS can generate mailing labels and other reports

Mailing labels can be generated by state, SIC, or other user defined customer classification codes. Direct your mailings to the best prospects. And do you want to send automatic email updates to customers or dealers? LocPlus MLS will do it for you. Include pictures or other attachments.

Technical users may also use Microsoft's FoxPro report generator to design or modify your own reports. This report generator allows a sophisticated non-programmer to generate customized reports or one-time reports. You can get exactly the output you want with the additional extra-cost report generator feature.

LocPlus MLS Updates your Web Site
Web Sites are an increasinging important tool for promoting your equipment. Are you using your web site effectively? Is you web site up to date? How long does before you update it with your latest offerings? More people are getting information over the internet. LocPlus MLS helps get that information out quickly and easily so you can use your site effectively.

LocPlus MLS Sends Equipment Descriptions and Pictures to Advertisers
Do you take full advantage of your advertising by sending equipment specification and pictures to your advertisors? How long does it take to submit your advertising lists? Get more information to advertisors like Equipment MLS, Surplus Record, UED, or MLS-On-Line faster. Get more for your advertising dollar!

Do you do mass mailings?
Mailings are becoming less effective so some dealers are turning to email campaigns. No matter which you choose, LocPlus MLS can prepare mailing label, form letters, or broadcast emails.

MLS 2000 is a multi-user system. That means that several people can be using your software at the same time.

LocPlus MLS requires a Microsoft Windows operating system so all of it's features are available even if you are using another software package.

Security features are also available so that only authorized users can access, change, or delete important information.

Don't lose sales - find out more about MLS 2000 today!

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