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These are just a few of the new features in our update:

Track equipment photos
Although earlier versions of LocatorPlus had the ability to organize photos, this capability has been vastly improved in speed and functionality. You may capture and track all your photos of equipment. You may designate some photos to appear on your company web site. You may designate other photos to be included with your standard quotation.

Email quotes
With MS Outlook properly installed, LocatorPlus can automatically email your quotation with photos attached.

Track customer and equipment web sites
LocPlus MLS allows you to track dealer and customer web sites. You can use this feature to access information on your customers and brokered equipment more quickly.

Automatic phone area code updates
Phone number area code updates can make your customer database obsolete. LocPlus MLS has a list of area code changes and will automatically review the customer telephone numbers in your database and display the suggested telephone number changes. You may verify and then selectively approve these proposed changes.

Web phone directory lookup
If you suspect your customer's address or phone number may be obsolete, you can use an internet phone book to look up the information. At the press of a button your customer's most recent address is passed to the search engine and matches in that vicinity are returned.

You must have an internet connection for this feature to work.

Customer mapping
Get a detailed map and driving directions almost instantly. You won't have to reenter your customers location.

New pull down fields for equipment manufacturer and UED code
Pull down fields make it easier to enter consistent information. You can also use these field to reliably find equipment.

New pull down field for customer country
Pull down fields make it easier to enter the country with the same spelling each time.

Automatically build your own equipment web pages
Designate equipment that you want to show on your web site. At the touch of a button, static web pages are created for each item selected. Index web pages are included for each equipment classification.

Designing web pages can be demanding and require technical assistance. LocPlus MLS has features that give you the ability to modify the way your web pages look. And once you have completed your design, new pages are generated in seconds.

Find inventory faster
When you search for equipment, you can see if the equipment is in your inventory, owned by an end user, or owned by another dealer. This makes it easier to make sure you offer the most desirable equipment first.

Improved Customer Profiling Wizard
Find groups of customers easier and better. And once you get your customer list, you may easily email or fax the customer a document. Like with older versions of software, you can also print reports, labels, or export data.

Improved Search of Wanted Equipment
You could always find wanted equipment requests, but now you can get a list of those customers for generating an email, fax list, or call list.

Individual user customization
Each user can save their own search customizations.

Integration of your customer database with other software
Use LocPlus MLS customer data with your Palm handheld, a Yahoo phonebook, WinFax phone book, or MS Word 97 mailmerge features.

Classify customers by UED code interest
Just like SIC codes, you can assign customers UED codes. Later, you can search for customers that have interest in a UED code.

New cell phone and fax phone numbers for each contact person
You don't have to put these numbers in the notes field anymore!

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