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Area code update

Please follow these instructions if you want to see what customer phone numbers LocPlus MLS can make for you. You will be show a list of phone numbers that the system can change. You can chose if you want to accept each or all changes. The procedure follows:

  1. If you do make area code changes, they are permanent, so it is wise to backup your data before accepting the suggested changes.

  2. Select Tools / Data Maintenance from the menu bar.

  3. Press the button labeled 'Change Phone #' (w/new area codes).

  4. You will get the following message: 'Search phone numbers scheduled for area code updates. This will take a few minutes!' Press Yes to continue.

  5. It may take a few minutes to search your database for changes. The time will depend on the number of area code changes and the number of customers you have...and the speed of your computer. Please be patient.

  6. When the processing is completed, you will be presented with a window showing all of the prospective changes. The checkbox in the first column indicates if you want to accept the change. The second column shows either the individuals name or a company name depending on the phone number. You can use the slider on the right hand side to view all of the changes. There may be very many. The area codes considered (available for) change are listed in the title section (for example: 'The A/C changes searched were 219-->260 219-->574')

  7. If you don't want to make any changes you may press the 'cancel' button.

  8. If you want to accept all of the changes, press the 'Select All' button. All of the boxes should then be automatically checked. If you don't want to make all suggested changes, you may either just check the boxes that you want to change or 'Select All' and then uncheck some of the boxes.

  9. When only the phone numbers you want to change are selected, press the "Yes" button to make the changes. (You can always run two or more times to make additional changes)

  10. When asked if you are sure, press the 'Yes' button.

  11. You will be given a message when completed with a count of the number of changes made. Press 'OK - Continue'.

  12. You will have to press the 'Exit' button one more time to finish the procedure (although the changes have already been made).

  13. Press 'Exit' button to close the Data Maintenance window.