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Primer: How Do I Mail Merge LocPlus MLS data with MS Word 97?

You may use LocPlus MLS to export customer information to Microsoft Word 97. The customer data can then be used with MS Word's Mail Merge feature to create high quality highly customized letters or documents.

To do this, do the following two steps:

  • Create a merge file from LocPlus MLS.
  • Create a Word letter with the merge file attached.

Creating a merge file from LocPlus MLS:

You can create a merge file from LocPlus MLS for a group of your customers. Customers may be selected by a number of criteria. For information on how to define a group of customers read the Selecting Customers section of Primer: How Do I Broadcast Fax or Email documents?

Use the following steps to create a merge file:

  1. Start LocPlus MLS. From the menu bar select "REPORT / CUSTOMER REPORTS"
  2. A list of existing report definitions is displayed on the left hand side of the window. You can either use one of these previously defined customer selections or you can create a new definition. For information on how to do this read the Selecting Customers section of Primer: How Do I Broadcast Fax or Email documents?
  3. Press the "DEFINE >>" button to view the definition of your customer group.
  4. Go to the "OUTPUT TYPE" tab of the definition and set the "OUTPUT TYPE": to "EXPORT DATA TO OTHER SOFTWARE". Then press the "DONE" button.
  5. Press the "RUN >>" button from the Customer Report Setup window.
  6. When asked if you want to "Run Customer Selections" press the "YES" button.
  7. You will be notified how may customers have been selected. Press the "OK - Continue" button.
  8. You will be asked to select an export format. Select "WINFAX Pro" then press the "EXPORT" button.
  9. You will be asked to select a file name and location. You change the default name or file location if you would like. Make sure you note the file location and name of the file you are creating. After you have selected and written down the file name and location press the "SAVE" button.
  10. You will be notified when the export is completed. Press the "OK - Continue" button. You can press the "DONE" button twice to exit the report setup.

You are done in LocPlus MLS! Note the file name and location you selected in step 9.

Creating a Word document with merge file attached:

From Microsoft Word, you need to create a file which contains the mailmerge document. To do this use the following steps as a guideline. For more information about using the Microsoft Word Mail Merge feature refer to the Word program documentation.

  1. In Microsoft Word, from the menu bar select "TOOLS / MAILMERGE"
  2. Press the Step 1 "CREATE" button.
  4. Press the Step 2 "GET DATA’ button.
  5. Select "OPEN DATA SOURCE"
  6. In the open data sources window, at the lower left handed corner there is a field labeled "Files of type:" select "MS FoxPro files". If that is not available select "Dbase Files".
  7. Use the file navigation and file selection portions of the window to select the Mail Merge data file that you created from LocPlus MLS. Then press the "OPEN" button.
  8. You will probably be asked to confirm your data source. Select the "Foxpro file via ODBC" or if that is not available "Dbase file via ODBC".
  9. You will probably also get a message notifying you that there are no merge fields in you document. Press the button "Edit Main Document"
  10. You can now continue to design, view, and print you document with the features that Microsoft Word has available. Refer to you Word documentation.