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Loading leads from EquipmentMLS

You can ease your task of fulfilling EquipmentMLS leads with the LocPlus tool for loading these leads. Before going any further, make sure you have the latest version of LocPlus installed, because the feature is only available with LocPlus version 3.09 and later.

This tool is particularly useful for request coming from new customers - customers not yet in your customer database. First you should check to see if the customer is in your database. If they aren't, try using this procedure to see if it won't save you some time!

    1. Go to your email from EquipmentMLS. Highlight the entire body of the email. Although there are many ways to accomplish this, one way in Outlook is when you have the email message open, select "EDIT / SELECT ALL" from the menu bar (A control-A will also do this). Then select "EDIT / COPY" from the menu bar (A control-C will also do this).

    2. Now go to LocPlus. Because this is a new customer select "FILE / NEW / CUSTOMER" from the LocPlus menu bar (A control-F1 will also do this).

    3. Select "EDIT / PASTE MLS RFQ" from the LocPlus menu bar (A control-D will also do this). If you don't see this option, you may have a LocPlus version before 3.09.

LocPlus will try to assemble the information into the customer record fields. The data entered in the EquipmentMLS request will not always conform well this import tool, so make sure you verify the data.

This feature will work with customer already in your system if you want to update with new information. Just make sure that the new information is better than what you are replacing. Also note that the contact name will always be added so if the contact is there, you will have to delete the old contact person.

The machine in the request will also be setup for quoting, so if you request a new quote by selecting "FILE / NEW / QUOTE" from the menu bar (or requesting a new quote from the "OWNED / QUOTES / WANTED / ARCHIVE" tab of the customer window) your quote should be ready to go! The machine is also be added to the quote queue in case you want to use the quote queue.

Time is money, and hopefully this new feature will save you time.