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Primer: Loading Customers onto your Palm Handheld

You can load LocPlus MLS customers on your Palm handheld. The prerequisites to this operation are:

  • The Palm Desktop organizer software must be installed on your computer.
  • You must have the Palm HotSync feature operational.
  • LocPlus MLS must be installed on your computer, or your computer must be linked to a network where LocPlus MLS is installed.

Before loading customers, you have to decide which customers you want loaded on your Palm. Remember that these devices have limited memory and may only be able to store 2,000 to 10,000 names. Also remember that if you want to update any customer information, it should be done on your LocPlus MLS system because your Palm will not automatically update your LocPlus MLS database. After the first time you setup customers on your handheld, occasionally run the LocPlus MLS customer export you setup so that your handheld will be updated with it's next HotSync operation.

Follow these steps to download a group of customers to your Palm. If you don't know how to define and select a group of customers read the Selecting Customers section of Primer: How Do I Broadcast Fax or Email documents?

  1. Start LocPlus MLS. From the menu bar select "REPORT / CUSTOMER REPORTS".

  2. A list of existing report definitions is displayed on the left hand side of the window. You can either use one of these previously defined customer selections or you can create a new definition. For information on how to do this read the Selecting Customers section of Primer: How Do I Broadcast Fax or Email documents?

  3. Press the "DEFINE >>" button to view the definition of your customer group. Make sure the selection information is setup correctly as directed in the step 2 above. On the "CONTACT NAME" tab, make sure that you do not check the "DO NOT USE CONTACT NAMES" option. (If you do, you won't get any peoples names). You may use the "INCLUDE CUSTOMERS WITHOUT CONTACT NAMES" with the "ATTN TO" option. On the "OUTPUT TYPE" tab, set the "OUTPUT TYPE": to "EXPORT DATA TO OTHER SOFTWARE". Press the "DONE" button.

  4. From the Customer Report Setup window, press the "RUN >>" button. You will be asked if you want to "Run Customer Selections". Press the "YES" button. You will be notified how may customers have been selected. Press the "OK - Continue" button.

  5. When asked to select an export format, select "Palm File Link" then press the "EXPORT" button.

  6. You will be asked to select a file name and location. You change the default name or file location if you would like. Make sure you note the file location and name of the file you are creating. After you have selected and written down the file name and location press the "SAVE" button.

    You will be notified when the export is completed. Press the "OK - Continue" button. You can press the "DONE" button twice to exit the report setup.

  7. Start up your Palm Desktop software. From the menu bar select "HOTSYNC / FILE LINK". Make sure the "CREATE A NEW LINK BUTTON" is selected. Press the "NEXT >" button.

    At step #1, for "APPLICATION NAME:" select "ADDRESS BOOK".

    In step #2, for "FILE PATH" press the "BROWSE" button.

    Use the file navigation and file selection portions of the window to select the Palm Link data file that you created from LocPlus MLS in step #6. Then press the "OPEN" button.

    In step #3, for "CATEGORY NAME" enter a name that will by you Palm to identify the names downloaded. Enter something like "LOC2000". This category is a Palm feature, for more information about Palm categories see your Palm documentation.

    Press the "NEXT" button.

  8. In the "SPECIFY IMPORT FIELDS" window you will be presented with a list of Palm data fields along with the accompanying import data. All of the data should be aligned with the correct field names. IF IT IS NOT, you may follow the instructions in the window to correctly align the data or notify Koala Software of the difference.

    Remember, you can scan through the contacts you are importing by pressing the arrow buttons in the middle of the window. Press the "OK" button.

  9. In the "CONFIRM YOUR LINK SETTINGS" window, you can verify the information you setup. You can also verify that the Update Frequency is "AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED WHENEVER THE EXTERNAL FILE IS MODIFIED" and "FORCE AN UPDATE ON THE NEXT HOTSYNC OPERATION" is checked.

    Press the "DONE" button.

  10. You Palm will be updated on your next HOTSYNC operation!

  11. When you want to update your handheld with updated MLS 2000 data, run steps 4, 5, and 6 in this procedure. (REMEMBER NOT TO CHANGE YOUR CUSTOMER SELCTIONS OR YOU WILL HAVE TO ALSO REPEAT STEPS 1, 2, and 3)

    After running step 6, your Palm will be update on the next HotSync operation.

Make sure you occasionally follow step 11 or your handheld customer data will become obsolete. Also remember that if you update your customer information on your handheld it will NOT be changed in LocPlus MLS./