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Publish Equipment to Third Party Web Sites

LocPlus MLS has a feature with the February 2002 update that gives you the capability to submit equipment specifications and pictures to the Surplus Record and UEN Network directly from LocPlus MLS.

In the March 2002 update, there are additional tools to submit information to the MDNA web site and sites.

The current list of supported sites is:


This feature uses the following System variables (to view the system variable select 'TOOLS / SETUP INFORMATION' from the LocPlus MLS menu bar and then press the 'SYSTEM INFORMATION' button):


Email address to send both text and pictures to Machinery Exchange (

Subject line of submission email to Machinery Exchange.

Text of message to Machinery Exchange.

Email address to send both text and pictures to Surplus Record (

Subject line of submission email to Surplus Record.

Text of message to Surplus Record.

Put you UEN dealer id here (8 digit maximum) - if you have any questions get this number from UEN

Email address to send pictures (

Email address to send specifications (

Subject line of submission email to UEN network.

Text of message to UEN network.

Information is submitted similarly to all the supported sites.

For both Surplus Record and UEN Network, before you send specifications and pictures, you must have previously submit your equipment with the one line advertising description to the company and have their assigned equipment identification code.

From LocPlus MLS use the following steps:


From the menu bar select "TOOLS / PUBLISH EQUIPMENT ". A menu showing all of your publishing options will be displayed. Select any of the options under "External: (To other companies)". When asked if you are "Ready to start procedure ...". Press the "YES" button.


A list of your equipment will be displayed. It will contain any items that are marked to be published on your web site. (To mark an item to be published on your web site go to the 'EQUIPMENT INFORMATION' window. Select the "SPECIFICATIONS" tab. There is a box toward the bottom of the window labeled "Maintain HTML web page". Make sure that box is checked and the information is saved.)

Equipment with the box checked (under the column 'Select') will be forwarded to the web site. If you have run this operation previously, your previous selections will be checked.

For the Surplus Record and the Used Equipment Directory, you will have to supply their code number in the third column. Locator on Line and Machinery Express do not require their numbers. If you have run this operation previously, your previously entered code numbers will be displayed.

Look at the column headed "Warning Errors". For Locator on Line and Machinery Express although you may still send information with warning errors, your submissions may be less effective. You will be warned if there isn't a UED code or equipment model number for example. You may wish to update your database to correct some of these.

When you are ready to publish your list, press the button labeled "SEND". A status will be displayed when the publishing is complete.

Surplus Record, Used Equipment Directory, and Machinery Express publishing will generate an email(s). Locator on Line will publish information to a folder labeled "MDNA". Locator on Line will tell you what to do with these files.

List of possible LocPlus MLS Error Messages using this option with resolultion advice:
DosPrompt not found   RESOLUTION:

Figure out how to open a DOS session for zip file creation:

  1. Step 1.
  2. Step 2.