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Publish Equipment to EquipmentMLS


EquipmentMLS is a web site devoted to promoting used machinery dealer's equipment. If you set up your equipment and publish it to EquipmentMLS, then they will list your equipment on their site and forward customer inquires on your machinery.


When you send machinery listings to EquipmentMLS, you will send information for all machinery that you have marked for display on your web site. So the first thing you need to do is make sure all equipment you want sent to EquipmentMLS is marked. If you are already marking equipment for display on your web site, continue doing this. If you don't know how to mark equipment for display on your web site (for example: you don't use LocPlus to manage your web site) use the following procedure:

  1. Find a piece of machinery that you want sent to EquipmentMLS. You can look up machinery many different ways. The most common is to run the menu bar option FILE / FIND AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT.

  2. In the 'Equipment information' window (the pink window), press the 'Specifications' tab heading. The specification information will display.

  3. Towards the bottom of the page is a checkbox marked 'Maintain HTML Web Page' or 'Maintain Web page'. If this box is checked, the item will be displayed on your web site. The item will also be sent to EquipmentMLS upon your instruction. Check the box by clicking on it with your mouse. If you don't want the item displayed on EquipmentMLS, uncheck the box.

  4. Press the 'Update' button (or ask that changed information is saved when you exit the 'Equipment inforamtion' window.

  5. Continue marking equipment as desired.


Now that you have equipment marked to go to EquipmentMLS, you need to tell LocPlus to send it. Follow these steps to send information. Get in the habit of sending information regularly. It only takes a few minutes and you want to make sure all of your latest equipment is being advertised.

  1. Close all windows in LocPlus. From the menu bar in LocPlus select the option TOOLS / PUBLISH EQUIPMENT.

  2. From the 'Publish equipment options menu' window, press the button labeled 'Publish to KOALAINC.COM'. The button will be renamed 'Publish to' soon.

  3. When asked 'Upload equipment web pages?' press the 'Yes' button to send information. press any other button to avoid sending information.

  4. It should only take a few minutes to send information. The amount of time will be related to the number of items to send. When the window turns grey with the message 'Web Site build completed!', the information send has been completed. The status will be displayed with any errors.

  5. Press the 'Exit' button to continue.