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Publish Equipment to your web site


LocPlus MLS can publish web pages. These web pages can be put on your web site for your customers to browse and view. LocPlus is distributed with some standard templates for web sites. If you want to customize your web site, you can modify any of these standard templates, or design your own new templates. Of course, designing web pages can be technical, so you will want someone who is good at this type of design work. If someone is familiar with HTML or other web languages, they are probably capable of changing LocPlus web site templates. Of course, you don't have to make any changes, and of couse, Koala Software will also customize your web site for an additional charge.

Only equipment properly marked will be published to your web site. Make sure you have marked equipment before proceeding.


  1. Find a piece of machinery that you want sent to EquipmentMLS. You can look up machinery many different ways. The most common is to run the menu bar option FILE / FIND AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT.

  2. In the 'Equipment information' window (the pink window), press the 'Specifications' tab heading. The specification information will display.

  3. Towards the bottom of the page is a checkbox marked 'Maintain HTML Web Page' or 'Maintain Web page'. If this box is checked, the item will be displayed on your web site. The item will also be sent to EquipmentMLS upon your instruction. Check the box by clicking on it with your mouse. If you don't want the item displayed on EquipmentMLS, uncheck the box.

  4. Press the 'Update' button (or ask that changed information is saved when you exit the 'Equipment inforamtion' window.

  5. Continue marking additonal equipment as desired.


Now that you have equipment marked, you need to create your web site. Initially, you will only want to only create your web pages on your computer, rather than publishing them on the internet. Publish your pages after you have reviewed the way they look and operate. It is important to make sure your site looks O.K. before you make it available to the public.

  1. Close all windows in LocPlus. From the menu bar in LocPlus select the option TOOLS / PUBLISH EQUIPMENT.

  2. From the 'Publish equipment options menu' window, press the button labeled 'Publish HTML pages to your own site'.

  3. You will get to a window titled 'Prepare to Build Website'. Please make sure that the checkbox 'FTP Pages to Web Site' is not checked. If it is, LocPlus will attempt to send the pages to you web server. Also, please note the folder name in the field 'Website folder'. You may change it if you want. The default is normally, '.\WebSite\'. This means that it will write the pages to a sub-folder in you LocPlus system folder. This is usually a good place to write information, so leave it unless you know that you want something different.

  4. Press the button 'Build site'. It should only take a few minutes, perhaps less if you don't have too many items. Pages will be created for each piece of equipment. Index pages will also be published. And finally, there is a new feature to LocPlus that can optionally prepare your home page.

  5. When LocPlus is finished, a grey window stating 'Web Site Build Completed!' is displayed. Press the 'Exit' button.


You can view pages with Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The best way is to open up your site is to open up Windows Explorer. You can open Windows Explorer by right clicking on your 'My Computer' icon and selecting 'Explore' from the menu.

Navigate to your LocPlus folder. It's location will depend upon where it was installed. It is often installed in an \APPS\LOCPLUS\ folder.

Once in the LocPlus folder, find the folder named Website and move into it. Find the a file named either INDEX_MAIN.HTML or INDEX.HTML and double-click on the file name. Internet explorer should open up and view that page. You should be able to navigate through most links and view other pages of your web site.