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Sending out documents with ALL quotes

Learn how to setup LocatorPlus to attach documents to all (or many) of your quotes

If you have some documents like your 'Terms and Conditions' or a catalog you can setup LocatorPlus to attach them to all (or many) of your quotes. Follow these steps:

  1. In LocatorPlus, select the menu bar option 'TOOLS / SETUP INFORMATION'.

  2. Select button 'Documents to attach to any quote'.

  3. You will see a list of documents to send with all quotes. To add the first document, press the button 'New' on the right hand side.

  4. An 'Equipment pictures' window is displayed. To attach a PDF file press the 'Select PDF' button - for a picture select the 'Select Picture' button. You should be able to attach other types of documents with the 'Select PDF' option.

  5. Select your document. (Press the 'Use PDF' button on the open window. To use files other than PDF's you may select File Type of 'All'.

  6. Enter an appropriate description. If you want the document to default to being sent with a quote, check the 'When sending quotes' checkbox. If the box is not checked, when you send a quote you will have to check the box for the document to be attached to the quote.

  7. Press 'Done' button to close the Setup Documents for all quotes window.

You may setup as many or as few documents as desired.