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Using the Quote Queue

Make sure you already know how to create a quote before studying this document.

Standard quoting, requires that each piece of equipment is quoted individually. For example, you create a customer, find a piece of equipment, prepare a quote. If you want to quote another item, you must find the second piece of equipment, prepare a second quote, etc. This works very well in most circumstances, but some dealers like the option of including multiple pieces of equipment in a single document. The Quote Queue gives you that capability.

As of March 4, 2002, the quote queue allows you to print or fax multiple items in a single quote. If you want to email quotes, each item should be emailed separately.

The general procedure to prepare a multiple item quote is:

    1. Empty the Quote Queue
    2. Add items to the Quote Queue
    3. (Make sure your customer has been selected)
    4. Generate your quotation

Read the following detailed description for each of these steps:



From the menu bar select "FILE / DELETE QUOTE QUEUE". This removes any items that may be in the quote queue. If there are no item in the quote queue, then this has no effect.



You must specify each item you want to put in the quote queue. This can be done in a couple of different ways. First, from the menu bar select "FILE / FIND AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT". You should know how to use the "FIND EQUIPMENT" window to find items. If there are items displayed in the equipment list on the bottom half that you want to add the quote queue, you may highlight the item and then press the "ADD TO QUOTE Q >>" button. You must repeat the action for each item you want to quote. If you have a number of items you want to add this way, as an alternative, you may want to check the box labeled "ADD SELECTED TO QUOTE Q". When this box is checked, double-clicking on an item will add it to the quote queue instead of bringing up the "EQUIPMENT INFORMATION" window for that item.

If you need or want to see the "EQUIPMENT INFORMATION" window for an item first, you may press the "ADD TO QUOTE Q" button in the lower left hand corner of that window as an alternative to the previous methods.

Remember that you can mix and match methods. Any item added to the quote queue will be included when you add that quote!



When you create the quote, it will be addressed to the last customer you viewed. If you started out by looking up your customer, you do not have to repeat the lookup.

If you have not looked up your customer yet, or have viewed other customers since, find the customer again with the "FILE / FIND CUSTOMER" from the menu bar. It is O.K. to find the customer from alternate means like the "HISTORY" option of the menu bar or the "FILE / CALENDAR" option of the menu bar (Follow up calendar).



From the menu bar select "FILE / NEW" (or press the CTRL N key). When asked to "Select type", press the button "QUOTE FROM Q". The quote window (View Quote) will be displayed with all of the items in the quote queue listed under "Equipment to Quote". If your quote is setup for multiple items, you can print or fax your quote. Of course, you may adjust Prices, quote notes, prices, etc. as typical.

The equipment list is retained in the quote queue, so if you want to send these quote to multiple customers you can just repeat the last two steps.