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Add equipment and photos

Get organized before you enter too many machines into LocPlus!!! LocPlus is very flexible and allows you to set up custom equipment classifications. This is a great feature, but if you want to change your classifications after you enter machines, you will be doing extra work.

Spend some time reviewing your equipment classifications. Although options may vary, you want your classifications to be populated frequently enough to be relivant and you want to make them specialized enough so that they aren't too full. If either you, or a customer (on the internet) finds too many machines in a catagory, it will be difficult to find an appropriate model. If you have too many machine catagories that are empty or have only one machine in them, searches become futile and frustrating.

The equipment classifications are also used to organize your web site. You can use a different name for machine classifications on your web site, and you don't have to list all of your sub-classifications, but the organization you have will structure both your LocPlus system and the web site that LocPlus builds.

It is also important to spend a few minutes deciding how your will organize your photos. Don't wait until you have thousands of photos on your system before you decide that finding photos is difficult!

LocPlus doesn't actually store pictures in it's database. LocPlus keeps track of where you store your pictures. That means that if you move your pictures, LocPlus won't be able to find them! If you have been keeping your pictures in many different places that can also cause problems. If they are on different computers, for example, someday one of those computers may be replaced. Even if the photos are all on a single computer you should organize them under a single folder. It is a good idea to use sub-folders for you photo organization since Windows gets slow if there are too many files all in a folder (without subfolders). Also consider what size (in pixels) of photos you want to save. High resolution photos take lots of space and are slow to email and not friendly to post on a web site. LocPlus also supports the use of 'thumbnail' photos on your web site.


From the menu bar run the option REPORT / GENERAL REPORTS. Select the 'Equipment Classification List'. This will show your equipment classifications.

You will also see the Equipment Classifications when you search for equipment (menu bar option FILE / FIND AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT). Review this list. Note any equipment classifications that you would never use or rarely use. Rarely acquired machines can be placed in the 'Miscellaneous' classification. Note if any frequently used classifications could be sub-divided to make it easier to find equipment. Also make notes if you would like some of your frequently used classifications to appear at the top of your list.

Also review the index (or size) paramaters. Air compressors, for example, have CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), PSI, HP, and Tank size. Machine lists can be organized by these specifications. Make a note if you want to change any of these specifications. The primary or default order is indicated with an astrisk (*). Make a note if you prefer an alternate order.

While you can make these changes anytime, you may have to review and reassign classifications on machines already in LocPlus anytime you make changes. It all depends on your changes and the machines you have entered. That's why it is best to do a review early in your installation.

Finally, you want to update LocPlus with the classification changes from your list. To do this run the menu option TOOLS / SETUP INFORMATION in LocPlus. Press the 'Equipment Classification' button. Make your changes there. (For more information on making these changes view MLS Help: MAINT_CLASS - Setup Equipment Classification.


It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you organize all of your photos under the LocPlus 'PICTURES' folder. It is not essential, but if you change computers later, it will be easier if you follow this recommendation. Also important is that if you follow this recommendation, all your pictures will be backed up with your LocPlus system. Remember that you can easily create a short cut to this (or any other Windows folder) on your desktop (or elsewhere) so that you can convieniently review or store your pictures. Even though LocPlus will organize your pictures for emailing quotes and posting on your web site, you are likely to use your photos for other tasks.

It was stated earlier that you should use sub-folders to organize photos in your LocPlus 'PICTURES' folder. Create subfolders by any organization that is logical to you. Some possible organizations are by equipment catagory, acquisition period (like 2005-December), or project (if you liquidate groups of machines). Feel free to use a grouping that makes sense to you.