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Feature review after you have used LocPlus

At first, you may have learned basic LocPlus features so that you could start getting results immediately. Some of it's features may have escaped your notice. Once you are more familiar with LocPlus, you may want to examine these features to make sure you are making the most of your software.

Customer lookup

  • There are many lookup features. Examine them. You can lookup by phone number or email address. An important underrecognized feature is that each user can change their default lookup profile. If you normally lookup only active customers by company name, select those options then go to the 'Misc' tab and press the button 'Save Default options for User'. If your doing a group of lookups by email, it can be handy to change your defaults just for that task. Also note that you can save defaults for other lookups (Machines, quotes, etc.) as well.

Sending a person an email note

  • After you look up a person, you can send them a quick email note right from LocPlus MLS. If you are in the customer window, go to the contact person window by double-clicking on the persons name. At the bottom of the contact person window, there is an email button. Press the button to initiate an email.

Finding the owner of a machine

  • After you look up a machine, you probably know that you can view the machine's owner by clicking on the 'Owner / Codes' tab. And you can change the owner of the machine by pressing the 'Change Owner' button. But if you want to go to the customer record of the owner, you can double-click on the word 'OWNER' (it is underlined like a hyper-link). A new customer window will be opened for the machine's owner.