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Information on the new email manager

LocPlus version 3.09 uses a new mailbox for outgoing email. This applies to SMTP email setups only, and will not apply if you are using the MAPI email option.

The mailbox option will speed your emailing by batching the delivery of your emails rather than sending each email individually. To fight spam, some internet providers have started limiting number of connections and number of emails sent per connection. The new mailbox feature can eliminate or at least reduce and make these 'over usage' errors more manageable. Although these type of errors are not yet common, they may be more widely adopted by internet providers in the future. Finally, these modifications enable LocPlus to keep a record of sent emails so you can refer to them in the future.

You will continue to generate emails just like you have been because this new mailbox feature doesn't change the way you create emails from LocPlus. So continue creating quotes and other emails as you have in the past. However, please note that when you generate email, it is only placed in your outbox. The email will not be sent until you press the 'SEND' button in your new email manager window.

Also, there is a new feature that allows you to send a quick note to one of your customers directly from the customer window. To see how it works, look up a customer (by selecting FILE / FIND CUSTOMER from the LocPlus menu bar). From the customer window, find the contact name to whom you want to send a message in the upper-right hand corner. With your mouse, double-click on this contact name. You will then view the contact person window. In the lower left hand window corner of the window there is a button labeled "Email". Select that button and complete the email subject and message to send a text based email message. Press the "Send" button to generate the email.

Now let's review the operation of the new LocPlus MailManager. Open up a LocPlus MainManager window from LocPlus by selecting FILE / EMAIL MANAGER from the menu bar (or by pressing the Ctrl M key). The MailManager will show a list of emails in your outbox. You can actually view the contents of the email by double clicking on the email. You can delete an email by right clicking on the email message. Finally, you can send the emails by pressing the SEND button. A log will be generated and display any errors. Emails that generate and error or cannot be sent for whatever reason will remain in your out box. Sent emails will be stored in your LocPlus database. You can view a history of emails sent to a customer on the Events tab of the Customer window.

As a protection against leaving email in your outbox, your outbox will be checked when you exit LocPlus and you will be warned before exiting with messages in your outbox.

Additional info 1/19/04:

There has been a 'Delete all' button added to the MailManager window. If you want to delete all mail in your outbox, just press this button.

It should also be noted that users will only see their own mail in their MailManager. You will not be able to see other users mail until it has been sent.