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Creating a new quote

Getting equipment quotes to customers is a vital function of LocPlus MLS. LocPlus MLS is very flexible and gives you many ways to prepare a quotation, and there is no 'right' way. Different situations can make it faster to follow steps in different orders.

We will start by giving some sample situations on generating a quote. Then you can decide what methods work best for your situations.


First, look up the customer you want to send a quote to. If you have any questions about how to find a customer, then read Tutorial: Looking up a customer.

Second, find the equipment you want to quote to a customer. If you have any questions about how to find equipment, then read Tutorial: Looking up equipment.

From the 'Equipment information' window go to the tab 'Customers quoted' by clicking on the tab with your mouse. From here you can view which customers have already been sent quotes. If your customer has already been sent a quote, you can double-click on the quote. This will pull up the quote already prepared. If you want to create a new quote, then press on the adjacent button labeled 'New'

As an alternative to the procedure described in the last paragraph, you could have just pressed the 'Ctrl-F4' function key - or selected 'File / New / Quote' from the menu bar. Although this is faster, it doesn't allow you to see what other customers have been sent quotes.

You should now be looking at the 'Quote information' window. In many cases, you will only have to press either the 'Print', 'Fax', or 'Email' button at the bottom of the window in order to prepare the quote. If this is your first time, you should be aware that quote formats (i.e. the look of the quote) can be changed and even customized, so don't be disappointed if you don't get a look you expect. Your quote format can be changed....but this is part of another discussion.

There are options you can change before sending the quote. If you want it to appear the quote was sent by another person in your office, you may change the 'Quote From:' person. If you want to redirect which person at your customer is to recieve the quote, you can click on the 'Contact:' pulldown list. The price equipment is quoted will default to the equipment's selling price. If you want to change the price, enter a new price at the bottom of the window. (On the equipment description tab) If you are quoting a dealer, you may optionally enter a commission percentage that you will pay. If you want to add a message to be included with the quotation, click on the tab marked 'Quote message'. Any message you enter here may be sent with the quotation. (Although most quotations will print an entered message, it is an option that may be eliminated) You may also enter some 'Quote notes' by moving to that tab. The notes are usually not sent with the quote. (Again, at your option, you may add the notes to the quote, but that would be atypical)

These features apply to quotes created with other alternatives below. At the end of this document, we also describe some advanced features, but we will leave this now to review some other ways to create a quote.


You don't have to look up the customer - then the equipment - then press 'New quote'. You can look up the equipment first, then look up the customer. The order you choose will depend on what's convienient for you. If a prospective customer calls, they may not want to talk about their address, phone numbers, and email addresses untill they know you have some information to send them.

So go ahead. Lookup your equipment! When the customer asks for a quote; then look up the customer. Check the customer information. While your in the customer's window click on the 'Owned / Quotes / Wanted / Archive' tab. You can see what quotes you have sent them previously. If you want to create a new quote for them you can press the button labeled 'Add first quote'. (If you have sent them other quotes, you have to press the button '## Equipment quote >>' first)

Remember, that if you don't want to press the 'Owned / Quotes / Wanted / Archive' tab you can just press the 'Ctrl-F4' function key - or selected 'File / New / Quote' from the menu bar as described in METHOD #1. Remember, this is faster, but it doesn't allow you to see what other quotes have been prepared.

The other features of printing quotes apply just the same as in METHOD #1.


This works best for situations where you want to send a group of quotes to a customer. Sometimes you aren't sure which items you want to send to a customer until the end of your conversation. This method involves using a 'Quote Queue'.

When you are discussing equipment needs with a customer you will probably be looking at equipment windows and reviewing specifications with the customer. If you think the customer may want to get a quote on that item, then just press the 'Add to Quote Q' button at the bottom of the equipment window.

Continue reviewing equipment - pressing the 'Add to Quote Q' button for other items in which the customer may be interested.

When you want to review which items you have selected, press the 'Ctrl-Q' key or select 'File / Quote Queue' from the menu bar. From the 'Quote Queue' window, you may delete items that you do not want to quote. You may also change the price to be quoted. If you want to add more equipment, you can look up more equipment and press the 'Add to Quote Q' button more.

When you have the right items ready to quote, you only need press the 'Create quote' button from the 'Quote Queue' window. The quote window will be visible and you will have the same delivery options discussed above.